Boondocker converter installation

Once you obtain this data, scroll down to a chart of the Lithium Replacement Models at the bottom of this page. You will also need to supply this information to Distributor Sales Departments and they will be able to answer other questions you may have regarding Lithium Batteries. The Floor Mount unit is designed to be mounted on the floor of a compartment in the RV, but can also be mounted on a side wall or the ceiling and will operate normally.

Once you locate your unit, determine the model number and D. Typical D. C Amp output rating of your present unit as your RV wiring is may not be capable of safely handling this extra current!

These Replacement Lithium Sections are available from our approved distributors. Depending on your knowledge of electricity you may want to consult a licensed electrician or RV technician for assistance.

The size of the Lithium Battery you plan to install depends on how long you wish to dry camp. This should provide you with a guide to the Lithium Battery size you will require. If you wish more dry camping time off the grid additional Lithium Batteries may be added in parallel to provide additional dry camping time you require. Click here for complete installation instructions for replacement units.

Lithium Converter Replacement Units. Step 2 The size of the Lithium Battery you plan to install depends on how long you wish to dry camp.Boondocking in an RV can be cheaper than staying at an RV park, but depending on a lot of factors. There are actually RV parks usually located in remote towns that can be cheaper than boondocking when you consider their discounted monthly rates.

boondocker converter installation

Onan Generators made by Cumminstend to be gas hogs. Their popular 5, watt 5. Onan generators are always built into the RV itself, and are not portable.

Meanwhile, a Yamaha 4, watt portable generator will consume about 4. During the warmer months of the year, expect to deplete a 5 gallon tank in about two to three weeks if only using propane for the refrigerator, cook top, and occasional heating. During the colder months of the year, expect to go through a 5 gallon tank in about days, due to heavier heating use. Some boondockers have found them even cheaper online through Amazon.

Some gas stations and travel centers will offer it for free. The larger your black tank, the longer you can stay. Many boondockers will dump their gray tank on the ground when it gets full, and will even refill their fresh water tank with 5-gallon jugs of water they filled elsewhere. Most RVs are plumbed in such a way that only the toilet dumps into the black tank. But some RVs will also plumb the bathroom sink or kitchen sink to dump into the black tank too. Generally speaking, without respect to your RV make and model, you can expect trips to the dump station every month.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Consider the following… The cost of gasoline to run a generator The cost of propane to run a furnace or refrigerator The cost of dumping sewage tanks and refilling fresh water Outfitting an RV for boondocking Gasoline The cost of gasoline in running a gasoline generator varies depending on the generator.

Do I Need a Generator for Boondocking? Most RVs come with no solar capabilities, or very little solar capability. Those that do have some solar capability come only equipped with a single solar panel, generally ranging from watts to watts. If you want enough solar power to maintain lights, run the refrigerator, power the furnace, and operate vent fans, look to get about watts of solar panels give or take a Most RVs come with only a single 12 volt battery at 80 to amp hours. Boondockers will need a minimum of amp hours of battery power, preferably Most RVs are equipped with an AC-to-DC converter that sends only a trickle charge of power 2 to 10 amps to the battery, with AC power coming from either shore cord or generator.

Most boondockers have some kind of generator to produce AC power. Portable generators like those made by Honda, Yamaha, Champion, etc, are more popular choices.

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Most boondockers opt for portable generators in the 2, watt range. Was this helpful? Leave A Comment Cancel reply Comment.They provide safe, reliable, filtered DC power to all Recreational Vehicle Volt lighting and appliance circuits. The Inteli-Power converter also safely recharges and maintains the RV battery and has a two-year limited warranty.

Progressive Dynamics Series Electronic Power Converters have several features that differ from other electronic power converters presently marketed to the RV industry.

Reliability data over the past eight years on overunits in the field have proven that these design features increase our reliability and provide the following additional customer benefits.

The Charge Wizard is a microprocessor-controller that constantly monitors the RV battery voltage to determine if the battery requires a quick recharge, is fully charged and being used, or is fully charged and is in storage.

The Charge Wizard then selects one of four operating modes Boost, Normal, Storage, or Desulfation to properly re-charge or maintain the battery. Click here for more information on the Charge Wizard. Patent: 7, Interactive Video. This rapid shutdown, similar to a circuit breaker in your house, prevents possible RV wiring and converter damage.

The converter automatically returns to normal operation when the short or overload is corrected. Very slow, quiet speeds are used when demand is low, such as during sleeping hours. Some competitive converters use Electro-mechanical devices to provide temperature sensing and fan control. Electro-mechanical sensors are more subject to failure and may stick in the closed mode causing the fan to operate all the time, resulting in an irritating noise.

boondocker converter installation

They can also fail to close during high temperature conditions and prevent the fan from operating. This failure may cause over heating and possible converter failure.

Lithium Converter Replacement Units

This safety feature will also activate if the area where the converter is mounted is too small, has inadequate ventilation, or is accidentally covered by the customer. Please refer to the installation instructions for information regarding spacing and ventilation requirements. This feature is especially important in RV campgrounds where AC line voltage can be as low as 90 volts.

Low AC line voltages may damage competitive converters. Low Line Voltage Protection will automatically shut converter down if input voltage is insufficient.

This also protects your volt appliances from damaging low voltage irregularities. The converter will automatically return to normal operation when adequate line voltage is available. This feature automatically shuts the converter down to protect sensitive electronics in the event of high voltage transients on the AC power line, or if the RV generator regulator should momentarily fail.

The converter will automatically return to normal operation when the high voltage transient is corrected. Simple replacement of the fuse s located on the front of the converter restores the unit to normal operation. Some competitive converters can be damaged and require replacement if the battery leads are accidentally reversed.

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In the past, the popular unit of choice has been the Progressive Dynamics series with its remote charging pendant, however, I am not seeing a 35amp model in the line up over at www. So, I fired off an email to Randy over at BestConverter. LateI bought a WFCO deckmount converter from ya guys and been using it without issue up till just recently. I'm trying to figure out whats going on with it, as I've moved it from where it was originally installed roughly about 11' away from the batteries to where it is now, roughly 2' from the batteries and now its acting strange.

The unit is making a constant "clicking" sound when listened to up close. Before, the unit would perpetually stay in So, I moved it to its new location, which is right on the other side of the wall from the batteries. Once moved, the unit was performing as normal, but now actually going into boost, and staying there Left it alone for 3 days, it never went out of I figured this was due to the fact that my two Group 31 Trojans were at the end of their service life, so I replaced the batteries with two new of the same make and brand and now the unit clicks constantly and the lights pulse.

The batteries are connected correctly, and all contacts were cleaned and polished to ensure good connectivity. Also, the unit can no longer be run on the generator. Before, it worked just fine, but now, whenever it is switched on the generator starts cycling revving up and down like a load is being added and removed rapidlysomething that only happens when the converter is used, nothing else causes this.

Is any of this normal for the unit? I personally think something has gone out in the WFCO unit. I cannot find any articles specific to the online, most of the problem threads I find are related to the older series units.

The Cost of RV Boondocking

Thanks for any enlightenment you can provide on this bugger. Randy BestConverter wrote: Hi Matt, While I don't know what, something has failed internally and it will need replaced. Anything or nothing could have caused it to fail. I would not recommend another WFCO unit however. The Powermax Boondocker is a much better performing unit and has a better warranty. They never come back. Thanks and here is a link if you decide to replace it.

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Randy BestConverter. I prefer it. If you are fimiliar with constant current versus constant voltage, there is no questions the job gets dont better and faster with a current limited unit. Both are good units though.

boondocker converter installation

Their detail pages on the website don't list anything in particular. My parcel arrived in fairly short order, this morning 30 minutes after I left for work, in fact.A recreational vehicle, or RV, uses a power converter to produce 12 volt direct current, or DC, from volt alternating current, or AC. This volt DC electricity is used in two ways. First, it directly powers 12 volt equipment directly from shore power or a generator, so the coach battery is not depleted. Second, it has an in-built battery charger that charges the coach battery from the AC mains.

The chassis battery is not charged by the power converter, because it does not share wiring with that part of the volt system. An RV power converter is a vital component in the vehicle's system, and wiring one is not a complex project.

Loosen the clamp holding the ground cable to the coach battery and remove the cable. A power converter typically has four terminals. Consult the instructions provided with the device, and wire it accordingly. The four terminals will be printed or embossed with their function, and the usual lay-out of color-coded wires to terminals is to connect the coach battery feed terminal to a red or black wire; connect the coach battery negative terminal to a white wire; connect the shore power hot terminal to a blue or black wire; connect the shore power neutral terminal to a white wire.

Trace those wires of identical colors to find out which serves each purpose. Typically the white wire to volt shore power neutral will be of a larger gauge than the white wire to volt ground. Test the power converter output using a voltage meter. Bridge its probes or alligator clips across the volt DC terminals and check that the reading is approaching 14 volts. This article was written by the It Still Works team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information.

To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more about It Still Works, contact us. Step 2 A power converter typically has four terminals. Step 3 Trace those wires of identical colors to find out which serves each purpose.

RV Power Converter Install // Full Time RV Living // S:2 E:4

Step 4 Reconnect the negative pole of the coach battery to its cable. Step 5 Reconnect the shore power umbilical cord to its outlet. Items you will need Basic electrical toolkit Voltage meter. About the Author This article was written by the It Still Works team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information.

Photo Credits rv image by Greg Pickens from Fotolia.Arn Chamberlain shares the story of how he upgraded his truck camper power converter.

With a little help from his friends, the install was relatively easy, and yielded great results. Boondocking and stealth camping are a lot of fun, but not so much so when your on board batteries quit working. This recently happened to us. Even though we have a watt solar panel system to charge our battery, our battery did not have enough power to run our Palomino Maverick truck camper all night. I was certain this was caused be the out gassing of my flooded, lead acid on board batteries as they were being charged.

I checked the solar system and it seemed to be working fine. Suspecting my deep-cycle marine battery had gone bad, I spoke with the owner of Remy Battery in Milwaukee. He told me the two worst things you can do to a battery is drop it or overcharge it. Single stage chargers were fine for the flooded batteries used when my camper was built, but they are a very poor choice for charging more modern batteries. A new power converter with smart charging technology would sense the state of charge of the battery and apply exactly the right amount of charge to keep the battery operating at peak efficiency.

However, I had one other problem. The power converter in my camper is located in the front bulkhead of my truck camper. Because this area also stores my battery and my fresh water tank, the power converter had to fit into a space that was less than 7-inches deep. An internet search for power converters led me to Best Converter.

They had a replacement converter Boondocker BPC that had smart charging technology and was a direct replacement for my old Elixer. After further research, this was the only converter I found that would fit into the same space the Elixer had occupied.

Randy at Best Converter assured me that I could do the installation myself and that the Boondocker would be compatible with my solar system as well as the AGM battery I planned on installing. My new converter arrived ten days after it was ordered, but had a blemish. I notified customer service of the problem. They immediately sent me the replacement part and I had it in my hands two days later.

The installation was very straight forward. First I disconnected and labeled all the wires from the old Elixer. Secondly, I removed the old Elixer from the interior wall of the camper. The circuit breakers that were used in the Elixer were compatible with the Boondocker so I was able to simply switch them over. Then I encountered a few problems.

The connection bar for the circuit breakers was located in such a place that the breakers had to be located on the left side of the volt distribution chamber.

However, the knockout for the incoming wire as well as the neutral buss bar and ground connectors were on the right side of the distribution chamber. If left like this, every circuit would have required a wire to go under the bottom of the circuit breakers in order to be connected to the circuit breakers see above photo. The solution to this problem was simply to move the circuit breaker connection bar to the other side of the distribution chamber.

The holes for the connection bar were already there. Once this was done see above photo all the volt connections were made on the right side of the distribution chamber.

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The other issue I ran into was in finding and installing the correct strain relief inserts for the DC distribution chamber. I finally found plastic strain relief inserts at Home Depot, but all the inserts were round whereas the knockouts in the back of the Boondocker power supply were rectangular. Fortunately, these knockouts had not yet been removed, so I left them in place and simply drilled the appropriate sized hole in the side of the case to accommodate the insert and wires see above photo.

With these minor issues out of the way, it was a simple matter to connect the wires from the various DC circuits into the DC distribution chamber.

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